Complete the Central Intake referral form

  1. Download the referral form  
  2. All referrals must be approved and signed by a physician or nurse practitioner
  3. Fax your completed referral to our Central Intake
  4. All referrals are reviewed and triaged by our Central Intake Coordinator. Priority may be given in some cases.
  5. Contact us at any time if you have questions or if your patient’s condition changes.


Referral Form

Referral Criteria


Referral Process

  1. Referral is received.
  2. Referral is screened for completeness. Requests for additional information may be sent.
  3. Referral is triaged to the appropriate service and assigned to a waitlist.
  4. Referrals can be accepted for psychiatric consultation at GPCSO or The Royal, or for Case Management.
  5. Letters are sent to the referral source and the Primary Care Physician to communicate the triage decision.
  6. In the event that a referral would be better served by another service, we will redirect the referral when possible, or assist the referral source in making the referral.


Ottawa Geriatric Psychiatry Central Intake

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F: 613-562-0259


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