• Focuses on practical skills and emotional supports needed to care for people living with dementia
  • Teaches problem solving techniques, a structured approach to address problems
  • Coaches care partners in communication skills through the use of simulation
  • Provides strategies for keeping a meaningful relationship with the person living with dementia
  • Is an evidence-based program developed by the Reitman Centre, Sinai Health Systems in Toronto

CARERS Program runs for 8 weekly sessions, 2 hours per session, maximum 6 care partners in group and is free of charge to care partners of people living with dementia. 

CARERS poster

Episode One: What is a CARERS group?

Episode Two: Use of Problem-Solving Techniques in CARERS Groups

Episode Three: Use of Simulation in CARERS Groups

Episode Four (Part ONE): CARERS Groups Mental Health Clinician's Perspective

Episode Four (Part Two): CARERS Group Mental Health Clinician's Perspective

Episode Five (Part One):  CARERS Group Simulator's Perspective

Episode Five (Part Two): CARERS Group Simulator's Perspective