Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant (PRC)

The Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant (PRC) provides education and consultative support to community health care agencies, social service agencies, and retirement homes that serve people with dementia and/or mental health needs including those who experience challenging responsive behaviours. 

They enhance knowledge and skills in the community by providing education sessions including Gentle Persuasive Approach (GPA) or other sessions developed to meet the individual learning needs of the agency.  Options include:

  • General information sessions on a specific topic, adapted to the audience's background, role and work setting. The goal of these sessions is to increase awareness on a subject, but not necessarily support a practice or culture change. Topics include, but are not limited to behaviour changes in dementia and mental health and aging.
  • Skills Development and Practice Change using a coaching and capacity building model. Topics may include validation, de-escalation techniques and therapeutic activity adaptation for clients with dementia, or non-pharmacological approaches to bathing.

 Our partners include the members of the Champlain Dementia Network and Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO).

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Tess Ewert Zehr
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