Our bilingual interdisciplinary team works to address the medical, psychological and social complexity of geriatric mental health issues.

Psychiatric Consultations

Our physicians work collaboratively with referring physicians to provide psychiatric diagnosis and  treatment for older adults with cognitive disorders and mental illnesses.

Case Management

Our outreach team is made up of nurses, social workers and occupational therapists.  Case Managers work with clients and their support network in their homes. We provide a comprehensive psychosocial assessment and develop a plan with you and your family/caregiver to address your mental health care needs. Short-term Case Management is provided in partnership with other senior-focused organizations to support your independence and your mental health.


At GPCSO we are pleased to be able to offer two group therapy programs.

  • Stress Reduction for Senior Caregivers Through Mindfulness – Offered twice a year to caregivers of persons living with dementia or other mental illness who are registered patients of GPCSO or The Royal Geriatrics Program. Mindfulness Group poster.

Mindfulness Group Resources

  • Enhanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for Seniors with Depression and Anxiety Disorders – Offered once a year to older adults who are registered patients of GPCSO or The Royal Geriatrics Program. CBT group poster



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